FMOTL Templated Rebuttals

Freedom Is More Than Just A 7-Letter Word

Debt Collection Agency Rebuttal ... this has been proved to work on Debt Collection Agencies  by telling them they are a 3rd Party, and there is no Contract with them. It may also work on Bailiffs (but that has not yet been proved at the time of writing, June 2009).

Charge or Demand Rebuttal ... this has been proved to work, and includes Fixed Penalty Notices, etc. by making a Conditional Agreement ... with conditions impossible to fulfill.

Court de facto Summons Rebuttal ... this has been proved to work, but needed personal presence at the Court as a follow-up.

DVLA Car De-Registration ... this has not (at the time of writing) been proved to work. But it makes a start by informing the DVLA that your car is your own, and they have no right to charge Road Tax, not to take it away to be crushed, nor clamped, etc.